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*taps microphone*
ont mississagi
For those of you still around, I'm planning to run a summer BoB rewatch, starting the weekend of June 4th. I was hoping that this time, we could do things a bit differently--I'd like to have one locked general discussion post for each episode, with a guest post on some aspect of the show or the history to accompany the usual discussion. The guest post would either be public or locked, at the discretion of the author.

I know we have a ton of smart, thoughtful people on the membership list, and I'd love to get the discussion around here going again. But before I run another rewatch, I want to make sure that you guys actually want one--otherwise it's going to be awfully quiet in the comments.

This is where you guys come in. If this is going to work, I'll need volunteers for the guest posts, and a commitment to posting 250-300 words before the episode rewatch weekend. (Let's say sometime between Thursday morning and Friday night, so that there's not too much overlap with the general discussion posts). You can choose the topic, so long as it's vaguely connected to the series, and the week that you want to post. As I get volunteers (either in the comments or via PM, if you want to check any details before committing to posting), I'll fill in the following schedule with names and (tentative) topics.

June 3:
June 4: Discussion post, "Currahee"

June 10:
June 11: Discussion post, "Day of Days"

June 17:
July 18: Discussion post, "Carentan"

June 24:
June 25: Discussion post, "Replacements"

July 1:
July 2: Discussion post, "Crossroads"

July 8: Guest post, archae_ology and foofighter0234
July 9: Discussion post, "Bastogne"

July 16:
July 17: Discussion post, "The Breaking Point"

July 23:
July 24: Discussion post, "The Last Patrol"

July 30:
July 31: Discussion post, "Why We Fight"

August 5:
August 6: Discussion post, "Points"

Er. That's it, I guess. I know we have some new folks, so feel free to jump right in if there's something you're dying to talk about. And if you've been here a while, what better way to restart the conversation than with a post on that small detail of history you've always wished everyone remembered?

A Reminder
6ds mod hat
If you don't have any entries visible in your journal, and your profile is empty, you WILL NOT be added as a member of the community. This is particularly true if your profile also contains no listed interests or indications that you know other members or participate in other BoB communities.

This policy is clearly stated on the community profile. If you'd like us to make an exception (to allow you to use a reading journal to comment on lulz rewatch posts, for instance) you'll need to either contact one of the mods directly or reply to this post.

General discussion post for The Pacific
bro rl dw
Okay, folks. I know a lot of you are watching this, because I cannot POSSIBLY be the only one.

Although we're not going to do a post for each week's episode, anyone who wants to comment on/discuss/dissect/compare the current run of the series is MORE THAN WELCOME to do so here. What do you guys think? Good? Bad? Trading on the traditional tropes of war and sacrifice, without the emotional payoff given to us by the stellar BoB cast and stories? Better than sliced bread after a month of K-rations? Please share with the class!

I'm going to leave this post UNLOCKED, and you can expect spoilers in the comments. We'll use this post for the first three episodes (including tonight's) and another post for each additional set of 3-4 episodes.

General Discussion: "Points"
bro sandwich
This is the FINAL general discussion post for this rewatch, and your chance to ask questions and make comments on the tenth episode, "Points". Remember, this post is UNLOCKED.

General Discussion: Why We Fight
bro psychological drama
This is your (belated; I'm actually wondering if we should switch to a monthly posting schedule and call it a win) general discussion post for Episode Nine, "Why We Fight". Remember, this post is UNLOCKED.

General Discussion Post: The Last Patrol
bro rl w/n
This is your discussion post for the Webster-heavy episode "The Last Patrol." Remember, this post is UNLOCKED, so bring your very best snark about Webster's slack-jawed refusal to understand group dynamics!

I'm leaving the questions open for this week, so feel free to use the comments for thoughts, things you've only just noticed this rewatch, and questions of your own!

I know, okay? I fail as a mod on SO MANY LEVELS, especially when IRL stuff is keeping me off the internet. Still, we'll get through this rewatch, especially if you guys do me the favor of REMINDING me about things like, you know, not putting up a post for three weeks, and after that Em and I have some new stuff planned for the periods between rewatches.

Breaking Point: General Discussion
bro psychological drama
I've been trying to give at least a week for each episode, which means that at this point, we're actually a week behind. No matter, though; this is still the UNLOCKED discussion post for this week's episode, "The Breaking Point".

Questions to get things started:

Just how cold WAS it?Collapse )

Bastogne: General Discussion
bro psychological drama
Sorry this is late, folks. And for once, I don't have any snarky questions to start things off. But this is our UNLOCKED discussion post for this week's episode, "Bastogne."

Crossroads: General Discussion
ont mississagi
This is the place for general observations, questions, analysis, thoughts, and reactions to episode five, "Crossroads". Remember, this post is UNLOCKED. Under the cut are this week's starter questions, but as always everyone is encouraged to go beyond these questions, and to jump into the discussion with other community members as much as possible.

So, just where exactly WAS Nixon?Collapse )

Replacements: General Discussion
bro rl dw
Sorry this is late, folks. Remember, this post is for general discussion of the episode "Replacements" and is UNLOCKED. As always, the questions are meant to get the conversation started, and everyone is encouraged to add observations, thoughts, questions, and analysis along with them.

Some questions to get us started.Collapse )

This week, IM Chat returns! We'll be viewing "Carentan" and "Replacements" on Sunday, beginning at 2pm EDT.