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bob_rewatch's Journal

Band of Brothers Rewatch
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All Members , Moderated
rewatching community for Band of Brothers
This community hosts a discussion of the miniseries "Band of Brothers" based on a rewatch of the series in order. Each episode will be discussed in two posts, one for general interest and questions, the other (locked) for wild fanning.

Community Slogan: "Close your mouth, Webster!"

We say it because we love.

Beginning June 6, 2008, we began viewing the 10 episodes of "Band of Brothers" in order, starting with a double-dose of "Currahee" and "Day of Days", just like how it premiered on HBO on September 9, 2001. We repeat the rewatch at least twice a year.

We're just wrapping a rewatch; expect our next round to begin in early summer, 2010. Until then, the mods are planning some new projects and discussions to keep everyone occupied.

Members get comment capability (friends can only watch), moderated posting privileges, access to the insanity that is the Lu(l)z thread, and imaginary invisible members-only jackets.

Empty journals without user info will not be granted membership access.


Two-Part Discussion

1. Main Thread. Like all posts, comments are members-only, but otherwise this is public and searchable. As the group is under "Adult Content" advisory, don't be afraid to use colorful or scientific terms, but remember it's open to anyone who clicks on "I want to see the post". This post would contain general observations, play-by-play recaps (if you have them), actor fanning. Also, posting of things you've never noticed before that you just picked up on this rewatch is encouraged. Also, historical details or book details go here.

2. Lu(l)z Thread. Crack. Flashfic. Crack ships. General Lu(l)z. Macros. Squee. pr0n. CAPSLOCKage. This thread will be friendslocked for the wider world's protection.

Members Postings
Once the rewatch has begun, posting will be open to members for fanworks related to the episode under discussion, and only to the episode under discussion.

Note on Slash
Most slash content will be kept friendslocked. This includes the Lu(l)z threads and any fanwork which portrays significant slash. Friendship works are exempted.

Rules (i.e. things i've learned as a BoB fan).
1. Be respectful of each other.
2. Love BoB and your neighbor.
3. Don't piss off the moderator.
4. Remember the three different discussions, and keep them separate.
5. Be slash-tolerant.
6. Keep in mind that the age range of fans goes from twelfth grade to late thirties, and from all over the world.
7. Until a new episode thread is posted by the moderator, the existing episode is the only topic at hand.
8. This isn't the place to post fanwork in general, unless it can go in the comments to one of the discussion threads.
9. To be determined.
10. Ditto just cuz i like ten.